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Probate Law

Stone, Stone & Creem has represented many clients in probating or administering their estates. Very often, families are not even aware that the Courts may require estates to be probated or administered before any assets of the estate may be distributed. Stone, Stone & Creem understands that this is a difficult time for many clients and we take pride in the caring manner that we handle each of our probate cases. We strive to complete the estate work in a timely manner and assist in distributing the assets as expeditiously as possible. We have extensive experience with the Probate and Family Courts in Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Worcester, Plymouth, Essex and Bristol Counties.

We probate small and large estates with multi-state assets and numerous beneficiaries both within and outside of Massachusetts. We assist clients in valuing assets, preparing estate tax returns, marshaling assets into an estate account with the use of tax consultants to minimize the tax consequences, and preparing all the necessary documents, including accountings, needed to close the estate. We represent executors, administrators, surviving spouses and beneficiaries whose interest it is to complete the probate or administration process.

For the past twelve years, Attorney Stone-Turesky has served as the Public Administrator for Middlesex County, probating estates where there are no heirs living within the Commonwealth.

Stone, Stone & Creem's Probate practice includes:

  • Probating Wills
  • Administration estates for those decedents that did not have a will
  • Ancillary administration
  • Public administration
  • Accountings
  • Trust Accountings
  • Will contests